11 giugno 2012

Pastore adescava uomini su intenet per rapporti sessuali

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The Reverend Randy Scott: More Details Emerge In Case Of Kinky Aggieland Pastor

Randy Scott has an offer for you
Yesterday we told you about Randy Scott, the Bryan-College Station Assembly of God pastor accused of coercing sexual acts from men he met under false pretenses on the Internet. (He allegedly posed as a minor and then threatened to tell police his partners had solicited sex from teens unless they had sex with him.)
Scott offered his resignation yesterday, and Bethel Temple, his church of 20 years duration, accepted. Church elders released the following statement: "The Administrative Board and Elders of Bethel Temple are deeply saddened concerning the allegations against Randy Scott. His resignation of August 10, 2010, has been accepted. On behalf of Bethel Temple we express our love, prayers, and support for the Scott family."

He had also served as a chaplain for the Bryan Police Department. A spokesman for that agency said Scott left that position of his own accord in April or May.

According to the Bryan-College Station Eagle, Scott's tenure as pastor of Bethel Temple was marked by strong growth, with the church campus now comprising three buildings with plans for 520-seat chapel/office/nursery/cafe in the works. Scott was described by one of his flock as a "popular pastor who baptized many of the church's members and shared with the church community his family's troubles and successes." The congregation was described as being shocked, the phone lines between them atwitter.

Meanwhile, we got our hands on the probable cause report written by Detective Patrick McCarthy of the College Station Police Department, in which Scott allegedly turned sexual predator on other would-be sexual predators...

First, we'll get those of you who are too lazy to read our initial report up to speed...

Scott is accused of taking out a Craigslist "men for men" ad, claiming to be 20 and wanting to "hook up." Once the complainant -- a John Doe -- answered, Scott claimed to be only 16. Doe told him to come over anyway, and was shocked when the 51-year-old got out of his truck at Doe's house at 1 a.m.on November 24.

Okay, the new and very unpleasant stuff starts here...

Scott allegedly told Doe he was the stepfather of the 16-year-old who took out the ad, and he had intercepted Doe's email. And he was very protective, so Doe would be turned over to the police.

Unless, that is, he allowed Scott to suck his cock. Doe claims to have availed himself of that option. He claims to have led "Scott" -- Doe claims that was the name the subject used to ntroduce himself, implying it was his first name -- inside past his sleeping roommate, whereupon Scott allegedly "started touching him all over and taking off his clothes," all why continuing to threaten Doe with police exposure if he refused to play along. He allegedly forced Doe to kiss him and compelled Doe to sit on his bed, whereupon he allegedly forced a protesting Doe to put his penis in Scott's mouth. Doe says that he did not ejaculate and that he did not think Scott did either.

Rev. Randy Scott allegedly
offered quite a deal
​Afterward, Doe claims that Scott wanted small talk, which Doe thought was "weird." Doe claims Scott asked him personal questions, to which Doe responded with lies. Doe says Scott told him all about himself -- he claimed to be 42, a graduate of China Springs High School, and a clinical psychologist. Doe says Scott was rubbing his back while conveying all this unsolicited information. Doe also later said that Scott continued talking about his stepson -- who apparently does not really exist. Doe says Scott described him as looking older than his age. The report says that Scott seemed to be "describing his stepson as a 'sexual toy.'"
McCarthy asked Doe to describe "Scott" and the truck he drove. He also asked if he could see the e-mails he had exchanged with the "step-son," whose email address was adamagg@yahoo.com. Doe told him he could and added that Scott had emailed him again, just before he spoke to McCarthy, while he was submitting rape samples in the hospital lab where the police had sent him. This email said "Hey Tyler, Enjoyed meeting up with you last night. I hope you're okay. I've had you on my heart. Ur a good egg." (Tyler is the fictitious name Doe had given Scott from the start.)

(Oh no he d'int just call him a good egg, did he?)

McCarthy then went to Doe's apartment and collected copies of all the e-mails between Doe and Scott and the headers which contained the IP addresses, some of which McCarthy determined to have been registered with Bethel Temple.

McCarthy's review of the emails exposed Doe in a lie -- he had told the policeman that Scott had claimed to be 17, while the emails revealed that he really said he was 16. Doe still agrees to meet and keep it secret. "Scott" asks "Tyler" what they could get up to -- oral sex or "jacking" (masturbating in front of and/or with each other.) Tyler responded that either one was fine.

McCarthy pressed Doe on the issue of consent. He asked Doe if anything he had done after Scott had arrived at his place could have been construed as consent. Doe said he had made it clear he was not interested in Scott, but that Scott had allegedly told him that he was "not in a position to bargain."

And so McCarthy turned his attention toward investigating Scott...

Click here to read the full probable-cause report, which contains his explanations.

Here's a bit of what you'll find: Apparently, at first, Scott just wanted to pray with those sick guys who answered the Craigslist ads he admitted to taking out, and this weird little mission of his went well, until one guy thought he was a cop, and begged to be allowed to suck Scott's dick if he wouldn't take him to jail, and Scott okayed that plan. He did stress that the blowjob was not the primary reason he had come, and that was the only time he had sex with anybody who answered the ads.

And then McCarthy gets him to allegedly admit to another. And another. And more and more, and also that he coerced more than one of them with meta-predatory threats of blackmail.

But Scott does kinda stress that he didn't blow Doe, as that would be effeminate and he's not into that. (How did the Onion once put it? Oh yeah, "Why do all these homosexuals keep sucking my cock?.)